Peace Corps Assignment Details

The site of my training for Peace CorpsIt arrived today! I got my information on placement and leave date from the Peace Corps, and the verdict is: Nicaragua, teaching English as a foreign language in secondary schools! I’ll be heading out to orientation on August 31st, then I will have three days of orientation in Carazo, Nicaragua before my 11 weeks of pre-service training commences. I’m excited to be teaching English, and am lucky that I know so many educators and feel able to prepare myself for teaching before I go. Most of what I will be doing is capacity building with the English teachers in the schools and communities. This will involve collaborating on curriculum, teaching methods, and application in and outside the classroom.

As many of you know, this assignment has been a long time coming. I applied to the Peace Corps in the winter of 2008, was nominated in early 2009, and then injured my shoulder that spring. I was deferred for one year and in May my deferment ended, I was medically cleared for service, and I received this assignment last week. I just found out the details today, and I’m thrilled to have a clear idea of where I will be going, when it all starts, and what I will be doing. I’m looking forward to improving my Spanish, meeting many new people, living with a host family, and challenging myself in a foreign culture.

I’m about to head off on a vacation/adventure in Europe for a month and I’ll try to keep this blog updated during my travels. I welcome your comments below!


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  1. Posted by Allie on June 10, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    That’s amazing! Congrats, Andrew! I can’t wait to read about your travels 🙂


  2. You are truly awesome! I was so touched to have you come to Mpls. on a week-day evening right before your trip just to help me with my website. I am so excited for your Nicaragua journey and know it will be incredible. They are very lucky to have you and I know you will make the most of this.
    Safe Travels Always,


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