Madrid, Barcelona, Rome

Well! It has been too long since I’ve updated, but I assure you that it’s because we are squeezing every last minute of our time here to experience as much as possible. We covered a LOT of ground in both Madrid and Barcelona, seeing museums, architecture, parks, plazas, palaces, and even going out for a night on the town with friends Shane and Beth in Madrid! I’m figuring that we’ve been putting on about 8-14 miles every day here, walking or standing for 10-16 hours per day. Exhausting, but really fun. Barcelona was really fascinating, largely for its architecture. We stayed in a nice hostel on the top floor with a sun porch. Interacting in a place that speaks Catalan was a new experience, but people were largely friendly, once we got the pickpocketing debacle behind us. Danny had his passport, Ipod, and credit cards stolen right when we arrived, but he took it in stride and we had him a new passport two days later and still managed to enjoy every minute of the experience. We even got to visit a police station, which was very classy. Amanda and I departed from Carol and Danny in Barcelona and spend a really long day (starting at 4 am) leaving Barcelona, arriving in Rome, getting to our hostel, seeing the Colosseum, visiting the Palatino, and seeing the Roman Forum. Yesterday was spent seeing St. Paul’s cathedral, the Pantheon, and countless other plazas and amazing buildings. We’ve got the day to more casually see Rome and we train out to Florence this evening. Florence will be more relaxed, and we have a nice hostel in the city. Wish I could share the hundreds of pictures that I’m taking, but I guess they’ll have to wait for a free moment and a fast internet connection. More soon!


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