Podcast of a Typical Day as a Nica Peace Corps Trainee

Daily Podcast 1

I’ve heard from a number of people who were interested in more podcasts, so I decided to make one about a typical day, though I wouldn’t call it an average day, considering that there was no teaching or Peace Corps training. Otherwise it was fairly representative. It’s about 18 minutes long, so if you want to download it, here’s how: First, click on the link above. This should take you to a page with another (identical) link. If you click on that link it will play the clip in your browser. But, if you right click on the link and say ‘save link as’ it will allow you to save it to your computer. From there you can put it on an MP3 player or listen to it at your leisure offline.

Notes on the podcast: It turns out that thy gymnasium that I thought was closed simply changed their hours unexpectedly and that the sign saying ‘house for sale’ is referring to another house.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments or suggestions for next time!

This week I’ll be heading up north to another city for a teaching practicum week. We’ll be taking over Nicaraguan English classes for a few days to get experience in the classroom and feedback from Nica teachers. I’m excited to be traveling and to have the opportunity to do more teaching. Feeling happy and healthy despite another short bout of sickness on Friday. Only lasted half a day, so it must have been something that I ate and got flushed out. Onward!


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