The Heat Is On

It’s been a while. Too long, I know. I think I’ve been a little bit off-balance for the last couple of weeks and this has meant that I haven’t felt organized or focused. I had a busy week, followed by a week of vacations (holy week), and then this past week was fairly busy too. It was somehow a combination of the loss of structure during the week off and a mild emotional funk that threw me for a loop. But, I’m back. 🙂

I’m back and the heat is on. April and May are the hottest months of the year and the temperatures are getting up to the upper nineties each afternoon and the lows are in the mid eighties. Not a very conducive environment for teaching, but we’re trudging through. Holy week was a kind of spring break for the school system. I had planned to read, sit around, go to the beach, and relax during vacation, but what really happened was that I spent time with fellow volunteers who were visiting the island, celebrated my host nephew’s 1st birthday, helped paint one of my high schools, helped plant plantain trees, turned 24, and spent time with my host family. Highlights were a surprise birthday party, going to the beach with my family, working in the fields with a fellow teacher, going to local dances and feeling like I’m actually making good friends, and going for some good swims and a run.

This past week was a welcomed return to structure and emotional normality. On Tuesday, my Peace Corps supervisors came from Managua to do a site visit where they meet with me, observe some classes, meet with my counterparts and just generally check in. It was helpful to get their perspective on the work I’m doing, be reminded of our concrete goals, and feel supported by the Peace Corps office. It did make for a busy Tuesday, though. I also gave my first training talk to a group of teachers in the morning about teaching for different learning styles. It was only about an hour, but it was in Spanish, so I was a bit nervous. I’ll be giving these trainings every two weeks in conjunction with a local NGO to help provide continued professional development for elementary and high school teachers. That’s the brief catch-up with me, and I put some new pictures up on my picasa web albumfrom Kenneth’s birthday and my birthday for you to get more of a sense of my family and friends. I’ll try to do some more general posts soon. Recently read and really enjoyed ‘The Good Soldiers’ by David Finkel, even though it’s an emotionally difficult book to get through. I highly recommend it for the perspective it gives on war and the American military.

The parakeet that Kenneth got for his 1st birthday


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