Father’s Day

I want to take a moment to reflect on all that my dad has meant to me and what place he has in my current efforts in the Peace Corps. Both my parents are the biggest influences in who I am today and I have no doubt that the examples that they set for me and the values that they taught me have done more than all of my education to give my life direction and meaning. It becomes clearer each year the extent to which I am my father’s son. I can see in myself a belief in service, a dedication to solving problems, an organization and discipline, a sense of humor, and a deep moral commitment that have clear roots in his example. On a subconscious level I find myself imitating his reactions to surprising information (expressive eyebrows), using similar phrases (‘rats’ or ‘neat’), following more closely in his political and economic reasoning, and seeing my future stretching out in a similar arc in terms of finding meaningful work, establishing connections, finding ways to contribute to the community, and starting a wonderful family. I’m beyond lucky to have the parents and brothers I do and today I want to make sure to highlight my dad’s role in my life and say:

Thanks, dad. I’m indescribably happy to have your love, support, and example, and I look forward to many more years of sharing memories, learning, laughter, beers, conversations, and experiences. I love you.

Dad seeing me off before I flew to Argentina in 2007

Dad helps me move into an apartment in NYC in 2008

Dad and brothers at my college graduation in 2009


The speical meal dad made me right before I left for the Peace Corps, 2010




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