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These files and links are some of the resources that I’ve developed or found helpful during my two years as an English education Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua. I hope it can be useful to other people too, especially other Peace Corps volunteers. If you click on one of the files it will take you to a page with a description and a link to view or download the file. If you have any questions or comments, or if you have other materials that you think would be useful to link to, please comment below or contact me at andrew.boddyspargo@gmail.com. Happy teaching and learning!

English Community Class Resources

beginner’s english community class syllabus PDF

beginner’s english community class syllabus Word doc

Community Class Article Va Pue PDF

Advanced English Speaking Course Materials

Intensive English Speaking Course Part 1 PDF

Intensive English Speaking Course Part 1Word doc

Intensive English Speaking Course Part 2 PDF

Intensive English Speaking Course Part 2 Word doc

English and Marketing Workshop for Tour Guides

Tour Guide English and Business Workshop Final PDF

Tour Guide English and Business Workshop Final Word doc

Finding and Using Digital Resources Training

Digital Materials Training PDF

Digital Materials Training Word doc

School Discipline Workshop (in Spanish)

School-wide Discipline Charla (espanol) PDF

School-wide Discipline Charla (espanol) Word doc

Nicaraguan High School English Curriculum Companion

TEFL Manual 3rd Edition PDF

Favorite TEFL websites:

BBC Learning English: This website has a lot of news articles with audio and has a great series on pronunciation that talks about all of the phonetic symbols and sounds in English. You can find the phonetic videos on the DVD also. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/

www.engvid.com: This website has a LOT of great 5-10 minute grammar and pronunciation topics taught by various teachers. You can learn about a particular topic, common phrases, common mistakes, or new vocabulary. Some of these videos are on the DVD from this charla.

www.eslbits.net: This is a really nice website with a lot of audio and text combinations. You can listen to a song and read the lyrics, listen to an audiobook and read along, or pick intermediate or advanced ‘listening with text’ categories to practice different levels. There are audio and text about many recent topics and even speeches by famous people you can listen to and read.

www.openculture.com: This website has many audio/video resources that you can access for free. It has audiobooks, online classes, youtube videos arranged by topics, movies, free textbooks, language lessons, and lots more. There is a lot of cool stuff here that you and your students may want to use.

www.eslpod.com: You can download lots of interesting audio files on a range of topics, but to access the learning guides you must pay money.

www.wordpower.ws/grammar/gramtoc.html: This is a wonderful online grammar textbook with good explanations and exercises.

http://www.esl4kids.net/: This site has some great activities, chants, tongue twisters, etc.

Here is a list of sites that offer good worksheets and handouts:



Here is a list of sites that offer good vocabulary or grammar lessons and explanations:







5 responses to this post.

  1. This is awesome. I’m a PCV teaching English in South Africa — thanks so much for sharing these resources. I’m going to stick them on our HQ share drive so that other volunteers can benefit.


  2. This is really great. I’ll try to do my best to get the word out. We need to get everyone to know that this is available to them. This is what the Peace Corps needs. Way to go, buddy.


  3. Thanks Andrew, this is great! It’s Alba from TEFL 60–I’m sharing this on our FB page so other’s see it too


  4. I’m getting ready to move to Uganda to be an ESL Teacher (where my fiance is a PCV Science teacher). I’ll definitely be going through these! Becoming a new teacher is pretty overwhelming! I’d love to talk more about ESL sometime.


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